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Cai Yun Ru (蔡韻如) was a reformed antagonist of The Sound of Happiness, she later becomes a newly elected conciliator. Due to her affluent status, she became the first wife of ZhiWen under the latter's mother arrangements 3 years ago. While deeming LinFamily[1] and JiaWen (CoCo) as "responsible" for her sufferings[2], she subsequently turned archenemy against HongJie and LiMei for manipulating her to takedown WorldGroup[3]. With the persuasion from ZhiWen, she personally ended HuanHuan's infiltration of ZhouFamily and redeemed from her past before finding back her own happiness after accepting the feelings from KunMao.


Positive Qualities

The heart of compassion within her was what that described YunRu during her youthful days, and retaining a keen passion for showing a traditional sense of fashion in her appearances. The aforementioned qualities were completely concealed when YunRu was an antagonist but was evidenced through her filialness after becoming devastated from the declining health of her father and sought forgiveness after knowing her mother had become a victim from the sadistic treatments from HongJie and LiMei. YunRu was positively touched by the kind-personality and protection from ZhiWen in spite of her heartlessness towards him, which becomes the driving force towards her redemption as YunRu had the intention of sacrificing her own life for the sake of returning NaiCha to ZhouFamily, who was the main victim in her vendetta. Disregarding the age difference with KunMao after their encounter, YunRu was shown to have restored her confidence towards love after KunMao seemingly has her completely forgo her desires towards monetary gains and hatred while having accepted ZhiWen's decision of not reconciling with him. Her personality also gave KunMao the motivation in dropping his merry attitude towards love and becoming completely faithful to her. After becoming involved in politics, she gradually improved herself and is capable of considering the feelings of others. She harbored tolerance towards KunMao's romantic relationship with his past wives, as she even treated WeiKai and JunNan like her own children despite their heritage. During her interactions with KunMao, she frequently derived into comical as well as energetic arguments with him through their conversations.

Negative Qualities

Under her mother's influence and from her interactions with BaoNa in the past, YunRu has a domineering demeanor and due to her status as an affluent daughter, YunRu had the tendency of looking down on those with normal backgrounds.

YunRu was initially supportive towards MingZhu's personal selfish desires in attaining greater recognition in LinFamily, not wanting themselves to be completely outclassed from the benefits given to ZhiMing while claiming everything both of them had done was for the sake of pushing ZhiWen's success into further heights. YunRu felt "betrayed" from said family after the parents of ZhiWen had refused to support her father during the legislative election. The negative feelings within her grew greater after seeing the close friendship between ZhiWen and JiaWen, amorally viewing the former for neglecting the purpose of their marriage in the first place and the latter's benevolent personality as intentionally driving the relationship between herself and ZhiWen. This proves that YunRu's most prominent weakness in the aspect of love is insecureness, causing her personality to become representative of YanXi when both of them were playing an antagonistic role at that time. Taking advantage of YunRu's earnest desires in overcoming her weakness, HongJie has turned YunRu into the perfect weapon for achieving his personal desires in seeking revenge against QingLong for disregarding his mother's feelings decades ago. Hence coming from her personal perspective, YunRu believed that HongJie would give her the happiness she had wished for and deeming ZhiWen as a failure in doing so. Despite her closed ones and everyone's caution that HongJie was manipulating with her, YunRu becomes "delusional" and resorted to taking over WorldGroup for the sake of proving that HongJie had truly loved her and even after the latter had been constantly pestering YunRu for the company shares. Once seeing through HongJie's schemes, YunRu becomes dedicated to seeking payback from him and stripping HongJie off the reputations he had obtained from her.


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