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Excerlics Excerlics 8 May 2020

Unexpected (Miracle) Return Here

The Sound of Happiness will be coming to an ending (looks like it wouldn't reach 420+ episodes), and the newest drama Proud of You will become the succeeding show. At this point, the introduction of new characters into the existing show is completely halted and hence, I'm returning back to finish where I have left off (episode 266), it seems to be my responsibility for this wikia. However, my dedication and work during my return will be heavily reduced (this signals both disappointment and laziness? I'm unsure here). We don't have proper rules and regulations currently, but with the new guidelines I'm introducing, there will be now and for the future of this wikia.

See: Rules and Guidelines, there will be several updates after the finale.

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Excerlics Excerlics 1 February 2020

Discontinuation of Edits for "The Sound of Happiness"

Happy Lunar New Year towards anyone who takes the time reading through this. I intended to keep this a silent matter but as the founder for this wikia, it's better for me to announce this in a blogpost.

This is... This is... a tough decision... a tough decision... but I'm gonna proceed with it. I know I should be updating the pages for this wikia as "The Sound of Happiness" progresses further in terms of episode. But from today on, I'm going to cease updating the relevant sections for the pages. In better words, any information and new characters introduced from episode 267 onwards will not be written on the site and the events from episode 195-266 will be the latest information presented in this wikia for the characters-->THIS MEANS THAT E…

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