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100% Wife (金家好媳妇)[1] was a Taiwanese Drama, produced by SanLi-Tv in year 2018 after the finale of In The Family on 1/9/2018. Originally holding the record of having the shortest number of episodes like the previous drama, it was later extended by another 100 episodes.[2]

Viewing Details

The drama was broadcasted on SanLi Tv (三立台灣台) during weekdays. With the exception of the first and finale episodes having shorter running times, every episode of the drama are 2h30mins (15 minutes shorter on Fridays) due to inclusion of advertisements. After the original broadcast ended, the drama remains available at Vidol TV and SanLi's Youtube channel but are regional exclusive. The drama's opening theme and ending theme changes every month of broadcast, while several insert themes are used. While the opening theme was filmed beforehand, the ending theme reuses scenes from the episodes instead.



Times are changing, people's values also change at the same time but what's unchangeable is the irreplaceable kinship and love between people and where every family has their own challenges to overcome. Aside from the difference of generations in "JinFamily", there are various kinds of problems between mothers and daughters-in-law to face after entering a marriage. With the youngest generation of JinFamily having diverse life and love, in addition to the resonation of their emotions with the problems that encountered in everyday life.[3]

Characters and Cast

Viewpoint Characters[4]


  • Jin Yan Jun (金彥鈞): The main protagonist of the drama and the eldest grandson of JinFamily. He developed affection towards ZhiLin since his highschool days, but forcibly separated from her as a result of antagonistic intentions. During his recuperation in the final arc, he became best friends with YueJiao and reunited with his family and ZhiLin[5][6]. He also established his architecture company named TaiYan (太研). He is portrayed by Eric Huang (黃少棋).

  • Chen Zhi Lin (陳芷琳): The female main protagonist of the drama, she was adopted by YouCai and forged close bonds with JinFamily. She was employed under QianQian and established her own cosmetics-focused company Miss S. She used the alias Ah Ruan (阿阮) after antagonistic intentions separated her from YanJun. While awaiting[7] for the latter and sought justice for her closed ones, she reunited with him and mothered their unborn child. Her role is reprised by Angel Han (韓瑜), continuing on her role as a protagonist after Ye Xiao Chun in the previous drama.

  • Jin Xin Rong (金欣蓉): The eldest granddaughter of JinFamily. She mothered JiaJia with her initial lover GuanTing, but separated from him after realising his affairs with QiuYi. While retaining her kinship with HuiPing, she emerged victorious in the election for conciliator. Due to her retained affection towards GuanTing, she left HuaiNong after unable to fully accept his feelings. She is portrayed by Jean Kao (高宇蓁).

  • Jin Qian Qian (金倩倩): The affluent daughter of JinXin(Group) and middle granddaughter of JinFamily. As a well-known fashion designer for weddings and with her stunning beauty, she established Happiness Space (幸福空间) and mentored ZhiLin. After rejecting HaoYu's feelings, she remained affectionate towards GuanDa despite knowing of his antagonism. She died in an accident during her business trip and was survived by their son JiaXin. She is portrayed by Vicky Tseng (曾莞婷).

  • Tang Yong Quan (唐永權): The affluent son of ShengTang(Group) and an expertise in hacking. After returning from overseas, he became the primary victim of antagonistic intentions but managed to secure his position as the family company's rightful successor. While viewing YingXin as his elder sister, he forged close bonds with JinFamily and accepted the feelings from XinRu. He is portrayed by Li Rui Shen (李睿紳).
  • Jin Xin Ru (金欣茹): The youngest granddaughter of JinFamily, she secured her happiness with YongQuan and helped him to overcome the pain of losing his parents while becoming an important supporting figure for ShengTang(Group). She is portrayed by He Pei Pei (何蓓蓓).

  • Gao Guan Ting (高冠廷): The eldest son of GaoFamily, he holds an important position in ShuangYe-Estate (雙悅地產). He becomes the father of JiaJia, but separated with XinRong due to his affairs with QiuYi and left the latter after she hurt JiaJia and over financial issues. He walked on closer terms with XinRong once she ended her relationship with HuaiNong. He is portrayed by Nic Chiang (江宏恩).

  • Gao Guan Da (高冠達): The youngest son of GaoFamily, he was romantically involved with QianQian but left her due to his retained affection towards ZhiLin and fathered Jin Jia Xin (金家馨) with the former. He cooperated with QiMin and YingXin and attempted to separate YanJun and ZhiLin and in the last arc, he sacrificed his life to protect the latter at the hands of YingTai and received YanJun's forgiveness as redemption for his antagonism. [8] He is portrayed by Angus Hiseh (謝承均).

Additional Cast

  • He Huai Nong (何懷濃): The eldest son of YueSheng(Group), he developed a keen passion for coffee and close friends of XiaoFei and TianXiang. He became romantically involved with XinRong after supporting her against QiuYi's antagonism and forged closer terms with his estranged family. He was arrested for almost costing GuanTing's life and gave the latter and XinRong his blessings while embarking on a world voyage after his release. He is portrayed by Chunya Zhao (趙駿亞).

  • Di Hao Jie (狄昊傑): The grandson of JinHai and the adoptive son of YingTai, he renamed himself from Xu Wei Ren (許威仁). As a renowned lawyer in his youth, he opposed the antagonism of TianYing(Group). After apprehending WanFei for her crimes and with his initial lover TianNa's death, he accepted the kinship with YueJiao and YingTai and drove the latter and YanQing's redemption. He is portrayed by James Chen (陳宇風).

  • Shi Tian Na (史天娜): The youngest daughter of YueSheng(Group), she debuted as Queen (女王) in the drama. While improving her strained ties with RuiHong, she developed affection towards HaoJie but died in their wedding after knowing YingTai masterminded YingXin's death. She is portrayed by Athena Lee Yen (李燕).

  • Chen Yue Jiao (陳月嬌)/Chao: The adoptive granddaughter of JinHai, she provided ZhiLin with emotional support with entrustment from YanJun in his absence and represented the former's company and DaRen(Group) as a model. Nearing the finale, she accepted her kinship with her parents KunYi and YingTai, and convinced the latter out of his antagonism with HaoJie. She is portrayed by Carolyn Chen (陳珮騏).


The following characters were given a redemption arc, as the series progresses to the finale.

  • Fang Wan Fei (方碗妃): The drama's initial main antagonist, she tookover ShengTang-Group (盛唐集團) on behalf of a youthful YongQuan 26 years ago. She backstabbed her initial lover QiMin, to secure back her lost reputation but loses said position after her affection feelings was manipulated by YingTai. After her attempts of killing GuanDa, YanJun and ZhiLin were foiled, she was charged for her crimes. She redeemed herself with YingXin's death and received YongQuan's forgiveness and becoming the caregiver of YingTai in the finale. She is portrayed by Katrina Zheng (鄭仲茵)[9].

  • Chen Qi Min (陳啟民): The drama’s second main antagonist, he also uses the alias Boss Min (民哥), Chen Xin Min (陳新民) and XinJing-YiCi (新井裕次). He was responsible for TangFamily (except YongQuan)'s death, in his attempts of taking over the family's company and targeted YanJun as revenge during YingXin's absence. As redemption for killing ShuYun, he sacrificed his life to save ZhiLin from WanFei and YingTai’s hands and allowed the latter's infiltration into ShengTang-Group [10] He is portrayed by Yang Huai Min (楊懷民).

  • Zhao Ying Xin (趙映心): The adoptive affluent daughter of ShengTang (Group). She collaborated with WanFei to secure her relationship with YanJun and almost costed ZhiLin's life. [11]Once she knew GuanDa toyed with her feelings, she discarded her feelings for YanJun and recognised her kinship with ZhiLin, she was murdered by YingTai and donated her lungs to ensure the former's survival.[12]She is portrayed by Tina Zhou (周宜霈).

  • Huang Qiu Yi (黃秋儀): The mother of HanSheng, she separated from ZhengHui after facing his mistreatments. She later affected XinRong's relationship with GuanTing, while having affairs with the latter and attempted to perish together with them, she decided to face the law for her crimes. She is portrayed by Zhang Jing Zi (張靜之).

  • Luo Shu Yun (羅淑雲): The mother of ZhiLin, she was romantically involved with QiMin and YouCai in her youth. During her dying breath after an accident, she entrusted the latter under XiuYing's hands and blessed ZhiLin and YanJun's relationship She is portrayed by Liu Mei Ling (劉美玲).

  • Xu Ying Tai (許英泰): The establisher of TianYing-Group (天鷹集團) and the drama's final antagonist as the alias XuDong (許董). He orchestrated the death of QiMin in his attempts to takeover ShengTang(Group), while his affairs with WanFei also cemented his separation with KunYi. He was avenged by ZhiLin for causing the deaths of YingXin, GuanDa and TianNa. With persuasions from HaoJie and YueJiao, he acknowledged his wrongdoings and became amentia in the finale. His role is reprised by Vins Zheng (伊正), continuing the role of as the last villain after Zhao Zi Jun in the previous drama.

  • Chen Ma Li (陳瑪麗): The youngest sister of JinHai and mother of MeiHui. She targeted the former and his descendants and attempted to takeover DaRen(Group). She redeemed herself but died after a conflict with YingTai.[13] She is portrayed by Ding Guo Lin (丁國琳).

  • Sun Yan Qing (孫燕卿): The co-chairman of YueSheng(Group), she becomes the wife of RuiHong after he separated with PeiXia. While devastated with TianNa's death in the last arc, she forgoes her hatred towards the former and HuaiNong with motivation from HaoJie. She is portrayed by Yue Hong (岳虹).
  • Yang Jing Jing (楊晶晶): The rival of GaoFamily in a conciliator election and per orders from YingTai, she targeted YueSheng(Group) as well as XinRong due to her ambitious gains but decided to face the law for her crimes. She is portrayed by Miao Zhen (苗真).

Jin Family

  • Ke Mei Man (柯美滿): The mother of YouCai and YouDe, as her daughter-in-laws became conflicted over family assets decades ago, she took residence in the nursing home. She is portrayed by Wang Man Jiao (王滿嬌).
  • Jin You Cai (金有財): The eldest son of JinFamily and an old friend of JinHai. In his youth, he was romantically involved with ShuYun and raised ZhiLin as his own daughter. After recovering his memories, he reunited with XiuYing and his descendants. He is portrayed by Lin Yi Fang (林義芳).
  • Li Xiu Ying (李秀英): The wife of YouCai, she took the role of parenting their children solely in his absence. After ShuYun's death, she reunited with the former after he was cured from his amnesiac state. She is portrayed by Pan Li Li (潘麗麗).

  • Jin You De (金有德): The establisher of JinXin-Group (金鑫集團) and the youngest son of JinFamily, he was close friends with HuiPing and ShengTang(Group). He supported QianQian after knowing GuanDa toyed with her feelings, and reconciled with MingYe after falling out with her over financial issues. He is portrayed by Xia Jing Ting (夏靖庭).
  • Xu Ming Yue (徐明月): The wife of YouDe and with support from her affluent background, she co-founded JinXin(Group). After forgoing her hostility towards XiuYing and with QianQian's death, she renewed her relationship with YouDe and becomes the guardian of JiaXin. She is portrayed by Lin Qian Yu (林千鈺).

  • Jin Yan Ping (金彥平): The youngest grandson of JinFamily, he is married to QianHan and fathered their daughter. As revealed in the finale, he became a judge. He is portrayed by Zacky Lu (盧彥澤).
  • Zhang Qiao Han (張巧涵): The wife of YanPing and despite her orphaned background, she became a lawyer with support from QiMin after leaving the nightclub in her youth. She mothered YanPing's daughter in the finale. She is portrayed by Joyce Yu (游詩璟).

Gao Family

  • Zhou Hui Ping (周惠萍): The matriarch of GaoFamily, she tolerated her husband's affairs for the sake of GuanTing and GuanDa and was disappointed over their actions towards XinRong and ZhiLin. She supported the former’s councilator election, and went to lead normal lives. She is portrayed by Ping Xue Feng (呂雪鳳).
  • Gao Jia Jia (高佳佳): The youthful daughter of GuanTing and XinRong. During her parent's separation, she supported the latter against the former's affairs with QiuYi and later dated HanSheng. She is portrayed by Li Rou San (李柔蓁).

Chen Family

  • Chen Jin Hai (陳金海): The establisher of DaRen-Group (達人集團) and due to MaLi's ambitions, he was unwilling towards fully entrusting said company to her. As an old friend of YouCai, he is known as Ah Wan (阿万). He is portrayed by Long Tian Xiang (龍天翔).
  • Feng Mei Hui (馮美惠): The nephew of JinHai, she opposed MaLi after representing her during ZhiLin's collabration with DaRen(Group) and also reconciled with her initial lover HaoYu. She is portrayed by You Qiao Xuan (游蕎軒)
  • Zhang Yu Fu (張毓夫): The eldest son of JinHai, he was originally called Chen Guo Qiang (陳囯強). Nearing the finale, he reunited with his son HaoJie and initial lover KunYi, while supporting the latter and JinHai against MaLi and YingTai's attempts of taking over DaRen(Group). He is portrayed by Chen Ting (陳霆).
  • Di Kun Yi (狄坤懿): The mother of HaoJie and YueJiao, she was a renowned hacker in her youth. With assistance from ZhiLin, she severed her ties with YingTai and reconciled with YuFu. She is portrayed by Josie Liang (梁家榕)

Other Characters

  • Lan Hao Yu (藍皓宇): The most important figure of Happiness Space, he harboured affection for QianQian. After the latter's death[14], HaoYu reconciled with his initial lover MeiHui. He is portrayed by Leo Ding (丁力祺).
  • Zhao Li Sha (趙麗莎): The close friend of Happiness Space and Miss S. After discarding her feelings for GuanDa, she started a relationship with ChaLi. She is portrayed by Lara Chen (陳子玄).
  • Wang Cha Li (王查理): The close friend of JinFamily, he cooperated with GuanDa and YingXin in their attempts to separate ZhiLin and YanJun. With persuasions from HaoJie and LiSha, he accepted her feelings and restored the ties with his childhood friends. He is portrayed by Pan Yu An (潘逸安).
  • Guo Wen Wen (郭文文): The bestie of MingMing and HaoYu. As a result of her ex-employer WanFei, she was jailed for endangering the lives of YingXin and ZhiLin. She is portrayed by Blair Chu (朱紫緹).
  • Zhan Xiao Fei (詹曉飛): The discipline of QiMin, he blessed XinRu and YongQuan's relationship and turned affection towards HaiLun. He manages the coffeeshop that HuaiNong established. He is portrayed by Troy Chu (楚翔).
  • Zhang Hai Lun (張海倫): The ex-underling WanFei, she attempted to affect YanPing's relationship with QiaoHan and later accepted her marriage with XiaoFei instead of HaoJie and mothered the former's unborn child. She is portrayed by Zhang Dong Qin (張東晴).
  • Huang Ming Ming (黃明明): The only daughter from HuangFamily and an ex-lover of GuanDa. With assistance from ZhiLin, she approached ShengTang(Group) and exposed WanFei and YingXin as culprits for her brothers death. She becomes romantically involved with XiaoChun and mothered their unborn child. She is portrayed by Yue Hua (葉華).
  • Xiao Chuan (小川): The loyalist of QiMin, who supported his favoritism over desserts in the past. After the latter's death, he became close friends with XiaoFei and engaged romantically with MingMing. He is portrayed by Xu Bo Wei (許博維).
  • Lin Mei Shu (林美姝): The expertise in predicting future events, she was essential for ending YanJun's Incorporeal Form Exchange (靈魂交換) with GuanDa.[15] Her employment in Miss S was accepted by MingMing and ZhiLin with her background as a barber and showed feelings for GuanDa. She is portrayed by Ho YiPei (何依霈).
  • Zhang Zheng Hui (張正輝): The initial lover of QiuYi, he separated from her for being abusive. After redeeming from his past, he restored his kinship with HanSheng and supported XinRong over GuanTing's affairs with QiuYi. He is portrayed by.
  • Zhang Han Sheng (張漢昇): The son of QiuYi and ZhengHui. While forging a kinship with the latter, he was disappointed with the former's antagonism. After dating JiaJia, he furthered his studies overseas. He is portrayed by XJ (傅顯濬).
  • Lin Tian Xiang (林天翔)/DaLin (大林): The employer of an insurance company and close friends of XinRong and HuaiNong, he turned affection towards HaiBo and had an unnamed daughter with his initial lover. He is portrayed by Star Lin (林佑星).
  • Zhu Hai Bo (朱海波)/Apple: The close friend of XinRong, she later accepted the feelings from TianXiang and discarded her affection for HuaiNong and mothered the former's second unborn child. Her actress is Xu Chun Chun (許鈞鈞).
  • Gu Xiao Li (顧筱莉): The personal assistant of XinRong and HuiPing. She is portrayed by Yuki Hsu (許瀞蔆).
  • Wu Ying Hua (吳英華) and Ah Fei (阿肥): The close friends of GuanDa, while employed under the same firm. They're portrayed by Wu Pei Ling (吳佩凌) and Zhan Jia Ru (詹佳儒).
  • Chen Mei Fang (陳美芳): The old friend of ShuYun. Her actress is Hong Rui Xia (洪瑞霞).
  • He Pei Xia (何佩霞): The mother of HuaiNong, she separated with RuiHong due to his affairs with YanQing and raised HuaiNong herself. She is portrayed by Wang Shu Juan (王淑娟).
  • Shi Rui Hong (史瑞鸿): The establisher of YueSheng-Group (月昇集团). He left PeiXia due to his affairs with YanQing in his youth. He is portrayed by Franco Chang (江国宾).
  • Ceng Cheng En (曾承恩): The ex-personal assistant of JinXin-Group. He was confronted by YouDe and MingYe for scamming their assets, and was arrested for his crimes. His actor is Louis Lin (林健寰).
  • Guo Tai San (郭泰山): The uncle of YongQuan and nephew of TangFamily, he was also a director of ShengTang(Group). His actor is Zheng Zhi Wei (鄭志偉).
  • Luo Ping Zhen (羅品蓁): The close bestie of XinRu in the reporter firm. Her actress is Jiang Yong Qi (江泳錡).
  • Zhou Da Fu (周大福): The personal assistant for ShengTang-Group, he raised YongQuan after his relatives died. He is portrayed by Zhang You Ming (張佑鳴).
  • Lin Xia Qing (林夏晴): The personal assistant for GuanTing, she is portrayed by Chen Jiao Er (陳喬兒).
  • Ding Wen Zhi (丁文志): He is portrayed by Qiao Zhi Qi (喬子齊).
  • Ruan Ci Xin (阮慈心): The ex-underling of QiMin, she had cared for ZhiLin in her childhood. She is later employed under DaRen-Group. She is portrayed by Lan Yi Ping (藍一萍).
  • He Zhao Cheng (何紹誠): The police officer, he was responsible for chasing after the major antagonists after their crimes were exposed. He is portrayed by Wang Dao Nan (王道南).
  • Leo: The personal assistant of YueSheng-Group, he is portrayed by Guo Ting Hao (郭庭豪).
  • Zhou Mei Xiang (周美香): The ex-personal assistant of TianYing-Group and also a fan of GuanDa. She is portrayed by Qian Duo An (錢多安).


  • The names of YongQuan's father is Tang Da Ren (唐大任) and uncle is Tang Da Yu (唐大宇), the latter shared an identical appearance as YingTai. (mother is unnamed)
  • Name of MingMing's both elder brothers: Huang Xiao Ming (黃小明) and Huang Da Ming (黃大明), whom are also GuanDa's close friends.
  • The name of YuFu's deceased mother is Zhang Mei Ling (張美伶).
  • Gao Tu Cheng (高土誠): Deceased husband of HuiPing, father of GuanTing and GuanDa.